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BoldFoam, registered trademark under Community patent, groups a whole catalogue of synthetic firefighting foams of high, medium and low expansion, aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF), anti-alcohol (AR), additives for extinguishers, moisturizing agents, class A foams, forest fire retardants, and more.

  • fluorine free foam demo Fluorine-free fire fighting foam

    Fluorine Free Foam

    Fire Response Pty Ltd offer a range of fluorine-free foam concentrates, and we are the exclusive Australian distributor of VS Focum fire fighting foam concentrates. VS Focum are committed to having the fastest possible extinguish - that is, providing the surest and safest way to avoid the effects of fires. The protection of human lives and property in the most efficient way, along with minimal environmental impact is the goal.
  • Fire fighting foam test testing
    Fire fighting foam can be a source of frustration for fire fighters. Sometimes this is the result of not understanding the product and variances of the equipment and sometimes it's because of the quality of the product itself. If you are worried about the quality and performance of your foam, we can send it away for actual fire testing in our partner's world class lab in Spain, where it will be analysed and performance tested in line with international standards whilst using your local water. Test your foam/water as a mixed solution in a non-critical situation. This test will determine if you are mixing the foam correctly, if the foam/water solution will in fact work and if it meets minimum international standards.
  • bushfire foam bushfire foam
    Bushfire fighting foam concentrate - for use in land and air based systems with a mixing ratio between 0.1 - 1% Low environmental impact - will not affect re-germination of vegetation.
  • silvara 1 logo class b fluorine free fire foam
    Newtonian fluorine free foam 1% concentrate Class B fires as well as Class A Low viscosity Newtonian foam concentrate
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