The FLIR K33 is a robust and reliable infrared camera designed to perform under extremely severe Fire conditions. The FLIR K33 has an intuitive interface with a design that makes it easy to control even with a gloved hand.

FLIR now gives you new lower-cost, easier-to-use options without sacrificing the reliable clarity and performance that FLIR TICs are well-known for. The K33 features FLIR’s FSX™ Flexible Scene Enhancement that intensifies structural and textural details in thermal images.

The crisp and clear image helps you to navigate through smoke and to make quick and accurate decisions.


  • Robust & Reliable: IP67 rated
  • Clear & Crisp Images: 240 x 180 pixels
  • Easy to use: One large buttons to operate, even with Gloves on.
  • Object Temperate range: -20 degree C to + 150 degree C / 0 degree C to +650 degree C
  • Battery Type: Li Ion, 3.6v, run type 4 hours at +25 degree C
  • Battery Charge Time: 2 hours to 85% capacity
  • Optional Extra’s: Nanuk Protective Case, In-truck charger, Strap Lanyard, Neck Strap, Extra Batteries