Luitpold Schott manufacture a range of Storz x Female Threads Adaptors for every application, and in a range of materials. i.e. forged aluminium, stainless steel and brass

Sizes range from 1″ (25mm) through to 6″ (150mm).

There are a numerous size combinations available between the table below.

Contact Fire Response with your specific application requirement for further details.

Part NoDescriptionCertification
3-SA101925mm Storz x 19mm bspf, lug 081mm
3-SA1025mm Storz x 25mm bspf, lug 031mmDIN14306
3-SA101525mm Storz x 38mm bspf, lug 031mm
3-SA1538mm Storz x 38mm bspf, 052mm lug
3-SA201550mm Storz x 38mm bspf, 066mm lugDIN14307
3-SA2050mm Storz x 50mm bspf, 066mm lug
3-SA202550mm Storz x 65mm bspf, lug 066mm
3-SA252065mm Storz x 75mm bspf, 081mm lug
3-SA251565mm Storz x 38mm bspf, 081mm lug
3-SA25NHT65mm Storz x 65mm NHf (NST), 081mm lug
3-SA25T65mm Storz x 65mm bspf (torque), 081mm lug
3-SA252065mm Storz x 50mm bspf, 081mm lug
3-SA302075mm Storz x 50mm bspf, 089mm lug
3-SA302575mm Storz x 65mm bspf, 089mm lugDIN14308
3-SA3075mm Storz x 75mm bspf, 089mm lug
3-SA40100mm Storz x 100mm bspf, 115mm lug
3-SA50125mm Storz x 125mm bspf. 148mm lug
3-SA5040125mm Storz x 100mm bspf. 148mm lug
3-SA50NHT125mm Storz x 125mm NHf (NST), 148mm lug
3-SA60150mm Storz x 150mm bspf, 160mm lug
3-SA60NHT150mm Storz x 150mm NHf (NST), 160mm lug