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V16-BL-WH PPV battery operated fan


V16-BL-WH PPV battery operated Fan

A brand new V16-BL-WH PPV battery operated fan from industry leaders Super Vac, the best-in-class 16″ variable speed battery fan.

1. Compact, Roll-Cage Frame: Features a tough yet lightweight aluminum frame to protect key components while providing a compact, lightweight design

2. 180-Degree Tilt: Provides the largest tilt range among battery fans, allowing airflow to be directed virtually anywhere

3. Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUMTM HIGH OUTPUTTM Batteries: Provide up to 46 minutes of max airflow, depending on battery selection

4. Polymer Blade: Minimises weight; Super Vac’s single-piece cast aluminum blade is available by request

5. Precision-Spun Steel Shroud with StreamShaper Guard: Shroud provides durability with max airflow, while the StreamShaper guard allows for flexible setback; Air Cone Guard available by request


  • Super Vac V16-BL-WH PPV battery operated fan
  • Uses dual Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT batteries (dual DEWALT FLEXVOLT batteries version also available)
  • 16” blade
  • up to 46 minute run time Max Airflow depending on battery selection
  • Easy to move, easy to use
  • Flat-Proof Rubber Tires: Highly maneuverable, and all without lifting the fan; easy to deploy by the smallest firefighters.
  • Roll cage frame
  • Polymer blades (SuperVac’s single piece cast aluminium blade available on request)
  • 19kg with batteries attached
  • Can be AC charged whilst in use
  • 4.6m setback (13735 cmh)
  • Variable speed motor
  • LED lights for night time use
  • Can be used in attics, positive tile attacks, negative tilt attacks, and in manholes.


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18″ blade version also available

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