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Training Foam

Training foams mimic the properties of actual firefighting foams. A good training foam has to be useful in all types of waters as well as all types of systems (fog-stream, low/mid/high expansion, etc.). These foams have to control and extinguish the fires (not only producing foam) to enable thorough training but do not need to have a great resistance value in terms of reignition, in order to make consecutive trainings easier. The foam needs to have a very low environmental impact.

Training foams are not intended for actual firefighting application.

1-3% BoldFoam STP

BoldFoam STP is a synthetic foam based on hydrocarbonate surfactants, glycols and additives.

BoldFoam STP solutions simulate AFFF specifications with a similar expansion index and drainage. Nevertheless, due to the absence of fluorinated surfactants, its oleophobic character is much lower, so it is advised not to use in real fires. It’s suitable for using with fresh, sea or brackish water.

Low / Mid / High Expansion (Fire Brigade)

Due to its properties, the foam made with this concentrate can be used in training with traditional equipment of AFFF solutions, aspirants (fog/stream nozzles or sprinklers) and compressed-air-systems (CAFS). That way, the firefighters get familiar with the normal equipment and can test and learn the different techniques of foam application.
The aim is a foam that does not contain any fluorinated surfactant, because they not only raise the price, they also have a worse degree of biodegradability in comparison with common surfactants. This way, we get a foam that is far easier to clean in the training area after the exercises.

3% Silvara 003

(Fire Brigade)

Download the Fire Response – VS Focum foams PDF Brochure when deciding on the most appropriate foam for a particular application.

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