Automated tank washing operations often use remote-controlled monitors with programmable controls, to deliver a thorough, efficient clean to the interior surfaces in railroad tank cars. Monitors may require special materials and seals to withstand various tank contents and washing solutions your operation requires.

  • Stainless Steel, 2.0″ diameter waterway
  • Flows up to 500 GPM (1900 LPM)
  • Severe duty joints
  • Programmable servo motor controlled
  • Custom control panels and programs
  • Virtually eliminates confined space concerns
  • A new standard in equipment washing
  • Wireless remote controlled
  • Multiple cannons can be used simultaneously to wash equipment
  • Water supply to cannon can be turned ‘On / Off’ from wireless controller
  • Manual washing with joystick or automatic with oscillating feature
  • Reduces washing times by at least half.

For optimum performance tailored to your operational requirements please contact Fire Response.