Revel Scout Scene Light

The Revel Scout Scene Light will light up an Emergency scene for both firefighters and emergency responders. The scenelight can be mounted by – set, hang, strap and spike. It also has a removable, battery. The Revel Scout was designed to revolutionise the operational ease of fire scene lighting.

The Revel Scout combines has a spot and flood beam pattern of 14,000 lumens in 5.45kg package, and the LED tactical scenelight can be used to evenly light both entire exterior and scenes and interior spaces.


  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Can place on flat surface, hung over a door, strapped to a ladder or hung on a number of vertical surfaces with it’s integrated spike.
  • If you use Holmatro battery powered rescue tools, you can use the same battery on this Revel Scout scenelight and visa versa.

Light Output:

  • 14,000 lumen (High – run time 1.2 hours)
  • 8,000 lumen (Medium – run time 3 hours)
  • 2,000 lumen (Low – run time 7 hours)
  • 6,000 lumen (Spot – run time 3.5 hours)


  • Firefighting – structural
  • Law enforcement
  • Mining
  • Rescue – EMS
  • Rescue – Urban Search & Rescue
  • Rescue – Vehicle Extrication
  • Speciality vehicles


  • Weight: 5.4kg
  • Length: 337mm
  • Width: 292mm
  • Height: 279mm
  • Voltage: 12/24vDC and 240vAC
  • IP Rating: IP66
15-ELRE-SCOUT-1B-240Standard Package with 1 Battery and 240vAC Charger
15-ELRE-SCOUT-2B-240Premium Package with 2 Batteries and 240vAC Charger
15-ELRE-SCOUT-1B-DCStandard Package with 1 Battery and 12/24vDC Charger
15-ELRE-SCOUT-2B-DCPremium Package with 2 Batteries and 12/24vDC Charger
15-ELRE-SCOUTStandard Packager with No Battery or Charger
15-ELRE-SCOUT-MTTruck Mount to suit Revel Scout
15-ELRE-SCOUT-BATTERYBattery to suit Revel Scout or Holmatro Hand Power Tools