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Portable Fire Pump 6.5hp

With a reliable Honda motor and electric start, our Portable Fire Pump is the ideal start to your Property Protection Kit. Contact us to find out more about the essential tools you need if you live in a high risk area.

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Defending your property

Farm Fire Safety


Our Portable Fire Pump is perfect for the land owner who wants a pump that’s reliable, easy to start, prime and maintain. Built to last and with a 5 year warranty this pump has an electric key start and is powered by a 6.5hp Honda motor.


6.5 hp
Electric key start as well as back up manual recoil start
Integral Fuel Tank

Inlet: 50mm
Outlet: 25mm x 2
Specify Inlet & Outlet fittings to suit your needs.
Max Capacity: 450L/min
Frame: Painted steel

Weight: 45kg

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