Pike Poles


Pike Poles

Akron Brass Pike Poles are designed to perform reliably through the toughest use and abuse seen in the today’s firefighting. The Pike Poles are constructed with the highest-grade materials and workmanship providing firefighters everywhere with a long lasting, durable, maintenance free tool they can count on. Akron Brass Pike Poles get the job done!

Akron offers the widest range of pike poles in the fire service today with 5 unique poles, 7 hooks and 4 handle options.


  • Meshed fiberglass for added strength and durability
  • Lengths of 90cm to 4.3m
  • Hooks assembled with heavy duty spring steel roll pins for durability and ease of maintenance. *Excludes I-B
  • Available with a wide variety of hooks and handles
  • High visibility fibreglass for low visibility environments
  • 5 year warranty

5 Pole Options

  • Ultra-Tough (UT)
    Honeycombed core for superior strength and weight. 5 times as strong the Ultra-Lite and 2
    times as strong as competitive offerings. Diameter: 31.75mm

butt end pike tool

  • Ultra-Lite (UL)
    Lightweight, durable and easy to handle. Diameter: 31.75 mm

ultra light pike tool

  • Gripper (PP)
    Solid fiberglass in a unique oval shape. Dimensions: 19mm x 29 mm

gripper pike tool

  • I-Beam (IB)
    I-Beam shaped solid fiberglass for maximum strength and easy gripping. Dimensions: 25mm x 35mm

ib pike tool

  • Wood (WR)
    Traditional white ash wood poles available. Diameter: 35mm

wood pike tool

7 Hook Options

  • USA Hook

usa hook pike tool

  • Dry Wall Hook

dry wall hook pike tool

  • Rubbish Hook

rubbish hook pike tool

  • Multi-Purpose
    mp pike tool
  • Shredder
    shredder pike tool
  • 19mm Rubbish Hook
    19mm rubbish hook pike tool
  • SaberTooth
    saber tooth pike tool

4 Handle Options

  • Butt End
    butt end pike tool
  • Ram Knob
    ram knob pike tool
  • D-Ring Handle
    d ring pike tool
  • Heavy-Duty D-Handle

        heavy d ring pike tool

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