Mini Foam Eductor/Mixer Kit


Mini Foam Eductor/Mixer Kit

The Scotty Mini Foam Eductor/Mixer Kit is a device for educting a foam concentrate solution into hose lines of small portable fire pumps, used in combating Forest and Urban/Wildland fires.

It is a “Through-The-Pump” foam system for smaller portable water pumps and like the larger 4171, the unit is mounted between the discharge and suction side of a pump.

The S4072-KIT is calibrated for a single pump flow rate of 30gpm (136lt/m). You must match your flow rate to your nozzle for the unit to work properly.

Five control settings: “OFF”, 0.2%, 0.5%, 0.7% and 1%.

Includes a 1/2″ x 4 foot foam pick up hose and a 18″ long pressure hose (for fitting between the eductor and the pump’s suction side tee) plus two 1-1/2″ tees made of cast aluminium.

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