V16-BW Milwaukee Battery Operated Fan

V16-BW Milwaukee Battery Operated Fan


V16-BW Milwaukee Battery Operated Fan

The V16-BW Milwaukee battery operated fan from industry leaders Super Vac is a best-in-class, 16″ variable speed battery fan. Never in firefighter history has one fan worked with your department’s other battery-operated tools. Until now. The all-new Super Vac 16″ variable-speed battery fan, equipped with dual Milwaukee batteries, is the most compatible PPV interface on the market. Finally, the industry can turn to a fan with a trusted battery name that pairs with Super Vac’s dependable history.

  1.  Compact, Roll-Cage Frame: Features a tough yet lightweight aluminum frame to protect key components while providing a compact, lightweight design
  2. Fold-Down Ergonomic Handle: Folds into the frame for compact storage; features full-width handle for easy grip with heavy-duty gloves
  3. Flat-Proof Rubber Tires: Highly maneuverable, and all without lifting the fan; easy to deploy by the smallest firefighters.
  4. 180-Degree Tilt: Provides the largest tilt range among battery fans, allowing airflow to be directed virtually anywhere, all the angles of attack are
    covered – and then some!
  5. Milwaukee Red Lithium 28V batteries: Batteries provide up to 30 minutes of run time, depending on battery selection; optional 120-240V AC operation is available upon request (V16-BW-SP)
  6. Polymer Blade:  Creates maximum airflow and run time with zero vibration, keeping the fan in place; Minimizes weight; Super Vac’s single-piece cast aluminum blade is available by request
  7. Precision-Spun Steel Shroud with StreamShaper Guard: Shroud provides durability with max airflow, while the StreamShaper guard allows for flexible setback
  8. Run Time at Max Airflow: 35 minutes with built in battery gauge

Air Cone Guard available by request – The Air Cone Guard produces an air stream with a wider pattern, which creates pressure evenly across the fan’s venturi. This is useful for different ventilation scenarios, including open floorplans and large commercial structures, or when there is less room in front of doors, like stoops and small front porches.

Range of accessories available:

Check out the High Expansion Foam Generator –  attaches easily to any Super Vac PPV (from 16″-30″) or Super Vac Smoke Ejector (from 16″-24″) and is capable of producing foam up to an expansion rate of 1000:1 for tough extinguishments, including oil and mining operations, ship-hold areas and scenes with flammable liquids.

Or the Spiral Duct – Looking for a traditional spiral duct? You won’t find a more durable, long-lasting spiral duct than one from Super Vac’s lineup. These ducts are ideal for moving large quantities of air into hard-to-reach places using positive or negative pressure and come with a built-in storage bag for easy transportation. Hot-melt wear strips cover the helix for added durability up to 250° F.

This high performance tool from Super Vac has all the angles of attack covered — and then some. You won’t find another battery fan that offers 180 degrees of tilt like the ever-versatile V16-BW Milwaukee battery operated fan. Just this one feature truly sets this battery fan apart from the others.


V-16BD tilt PPV

Also available V-18BWMilwaukee battery operated fan 18″ fan size. See our other Super Vac products here