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Protek Industrial Monitor 636


Industrial Monitor 636

Monitors – simple in principle but in reality, pieces of sophisticated engineering. Designed to withstand harsh conditions and long periods of inactivity, then spring to life in an emergency, monitors need to be robust and reliable. Protek’s rugged, lightweight industrial monitors optimise advanced computer aided design and testing technology, offering features such as cast-in vanes for high flow efficiency and minimised flow turbulence.

  • Protek’s Industrial Monitor 636 is rugged and flow-efficient with high reliability and minimal maintenance
  • Full 2-1/2″ waterway for flow rate of up to 750 GPM (2900 LPM)
  • Ideal for marine, offshore, industrial and other corrosive environment
  • Corrosion resistant brass construction
  • Cast-in turning vanes for efficient flow and minimal friction loss
  • Highly manoeuvrable and easy to operate
  • Positive friction locks for both horizontal and vertical travel to hold desired position
  • Compact design and low-profile
  • Optimise advanced computer aided design and testing technology
  • FM approved


Industrial Monitor 636 Specifications:

Style: 636
Product Name: Industrial Monitor
Flow Rate: 750 GPM (2900 LPM)
Operating Pressure: 200 psi (14 bar)
Inlet: 2-1/2″ (65 mm), 3″ Flange, 4″ Flange, 6″ Flange
Outlet: 2-1/2″ (65 mm)
Control: Tiller Bar
Vertical Travel: 135° from 75° above to 60° below horizontal
Rotational Travel: 360°
Material: Brass
Finish: Red Powder Coating
Weight: 44 lbs (20 kg)
Compatible Products: 823-BC, 847-BC

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