High sensitivity voltage detector for emergency responders
The HotStick AC Voltage Detector provides warning of exposed high voltage AC from a safe distance. The HotStick will give early audible and visual warning of the presence of AC voltages without the need to contact the surface which carries the dangerous AC potential. The HotStick AC Voltage Detector will beep and an LED will flash with an increasing rate as the unit is brought closer to the source within its stated detection range. The HotStick AC Voltage Detector is made with the First Responder in mind and used in a variety of applications, including disaster operations, search & rescue, and power restoration.

Essential Features

  • Early warning of high voltage AC
  • Safe and simple to use
  • Exceptionally sensitive. Patented circuits give an outstanding range.
  • Affordable, sturdy, reliable
  • Portable, battery-powered
  • A must for the first responder