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Fire Hose Reel Flowmeter


Fire Hose Reel Flowmeter Tester kit

Brand New product: Building Fire Hose Reel flowmeter tester system to AS1851-2012 Hose Reel testing . Ultrasonic flowmeter with Camlock adaptors, plastic nozzles, gaskets to allow easy connection of Hose Reel Nozzle to inlet of flowmeter. Easy to use. 

Digital Output

Light Alloy, camlock adaptors

At last there is an accurate reliable flowmeter for testing Fire Hose Reels!

Essential tool for your yearly level 2 service schedule in accordance with AS 1851-2012 Section 9 Fire Hose Reels (see 9.4.2. Yearly Service Schedule Fire Hose Reels Item 2.6). Enables you to check litres per minute as well as volumeric output. Practical and easy to use – quick clamp over hose reeel nozzles to allow for fast, clean flow test. Comes with a variety of quick connect fittings to suit various nozzle sizes as well as additional rubber seals to ensure a water tight seal.

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Note Yearly inspection requires minimum acceptable flow rates:
(a) 0.33 L/s for reels with 19 mm hose.
(b) 0.41 L/s for reels with 25 mm hose.

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