Fog/Straight Stream Pistol Grip Nozzle


Fire Fighting Pistol Grip Nozzle by Scotty

The Scotty Pistol Grip Nozzle with D-Handle Pistol Grip shut-off has superior characteristics to work with today’s Class A and Class B foams. It saves huge amounts of water with its fast on/off valve, it is much more comfortable to use for longer duration fire fighting. Manufactured from glass reinforced polymers makes it lightweight and easy to use. The Scotty Fog/Straight Stream Nozzles are available in 2 different flow rates; 30 gpm (115 lpm) and 70 gpm (265 lpm). Both have built in twist-to-shut-off capability. Can also be supplied without the pistol grip.


  • Available in a High-Flow (190 to 380 lpm) and a Low-Flow (55 to 190 lpm) model
  • Suitable for Class A and Class B foams
  • Comfortable

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