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Fire Extinguisher Fluorine Free Foam 9L


Fire Extinguisher Fluorine Free Foam 9L

Completely fluorine free, contains no PFOA, PFOs or any fluorine ingredients.

A great alternative to AFFF products, good performance on solids and hydrocarbon fuel fires.

Contains 3% Silvara I Newtonian foam which will never delaminate. Silvara I is the leading Fluorine Free Foam from the innovative professionals at VS Focum.

Complies with the new QLD and SA firefighting foam policy.

Approved to AS/NZS 1841.4 with high performance ratings, stainless steel handles, nickel plated brass valves and stainless cylinder


  • Size: 9L
  • Fire Rating: 3A:10B
  • Agent: Silvara I fluorine free foam
  • Operating Pressure: 10 bar
  • Overall Dimensions: 180 x 638mm
  • Cylinder Volume: 12.5L
  • Test Pressure: 25 bar
  • Full Weight: 12.2kg

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Extinguisher Fluorine Free Foam 9L
Stock Code 10-90F3
Size 9.0L
Fire Rating 3A:10B
Agent Silvara I Fluorine Free Foam
Propellant Dry Nitrogen
Operating Pressure 10 bar
Cylinder Height 541mm
Cylinder Width 180mm
Cylinder Volume 12.5L
Full Weight 12.2 kg
Test Pressure 25 bar
Material – Valve Nickel Plated Brass
Handle/Lever Stainless Steel
Check Stem Stainless Steel
Cylinder Stainless Steel
Cylinder Finish Coated with Epoxy polyester paint
Hose Assembly PA6 & EPDM & Brass
Pressure Gauge Stainless Steel
Standard Approval AS/NZS 1841.4
BSI Benchmark No. BMP 520105
ActivFire Certificate No. AFP-2353


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