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Fire Beater Wooden Handle


Fire Beater Wooden Handle

This fire beater has a 152.4cm (60 in.) wooden handle. Sometimes referred to as a fire flap, flail or swatter, this tool is used to smother fire. Typically it is used to control or direct flames during controlled burns or in conjunction with mop-up details after fires.

Made in USA.
Flap is a masticated rubber piece approximately 30.5cm x 38.1cm (12″ x 15″) and 6mm (1/4″) thick
Secured to a rectangular steel structure member with a welded stud which is forced into a ferrule.
Red enamel finish on the metal frame.
152.4cm (60″) American ash handle with a ferrule for strength and durability.
Overall length is 1.97m (77.5″)
Weight 2.5kg

NOTE: oversize/bulky goods surcharge applies

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