DSO SaberJet Nozzle 1″ –

The patented DSO SaberJet Nozzle 1 employs the latest in firefighting nozzle technology. The Dual Shutoff SaberJet is our original multipurpose nozzle with both solid bore penetration and fog stream capability. It also gives you the ability to flow both at the same time. The Dual Shutoff SaberJet can operate efficiently at pressures as low as 50 psi for reduced firefighter fatigue, or up to 100 psi for maximum flow. This versatile nozzle is well suited for multiple applications, making it a truly multi-purpose nozzle.


  • Dual flow nozzle
  • Ideal for gas fire fighting
  • Various certifications, NFPA 1964
  • Various inlet options
  • Various handle, pistol grip and bumper options
  • Various pressure rating
  • 10 year warranty
  • Compatible with Quick-Attack Foam Tube Style 777


Flow Settings: 230 at 100 PSI (fog)
Tip Options: 9.5, 13, 16mm (must specify)
Dimensions: 267mm; 2.3kg
SaberJet – Flow & Reach Data

Other Sizes Available