Typical performance @ 3 metres suction lift:

200 kPa (29 PSI) 2500 Litres/min
300 kPa (43.5 PSI) 2300 Litres/min
500 kPa (72.5 PSI) 2250 Litres/min
700 kPa (101.5 PSI) 2000 Litres/min
1000 kPa (145 PSI) 1600 Litres/min


  • Stainless Steel Frame complete with steerable Trolly
  • Controls are easy to operate from one location
  • Push button start
  • Engine on/pre-heat/start/off switch
  • 12V inlet/outlet socket
  • Flexible halogen night light
  • Water temperature gauge
  • Discharge pressure gauge and compound intake gauge
  • Optional accessories: mast light


Type: Transfer – Supply – Combination
2000l/m @ 7 Bar
Intake: 100mm BSRT
Discharge: Twin smooth-flow ball valves 64mm BI alloy couplings. Optional swivel globe valve.
Volute Body And Head: Aluminium Alloy CC601 heat-treated to T6 hardness. Optional LG2 bronze for salt-water resistance.
Impeller: Aluminium Alloy CC601 fully enclosed. Optional LG2 bronze for salt-water resistance.
Wear Rings: Long wearing Acetyl, economical to replace
Shaft Seal: Spring-loaded mechanical Carbon Ceramic
Priming: Exhaust eject will prime 3 metres in under 10 seconds.

Engine Model No: 4JB1
Type: 4 cylinder inline diesel, OHV, direct injection, naturally aspirated, water-cooled through heat exchanger, compression ratio 18.2:1
Maximum output: 57kW @ 3600 RPM
Fuel Tank: Stainless Steel Integral 16 Litre
Run Time: Minimum 1hr @ maximum output
Dry Weight: 321kg (incl battery)
Dimensions: 102.0cm(L) x 60.5cm(W) x 76.0cm(H)