D2000 Phoenix Diesel Portable Pump


Diesel Portable Pump

The D2000 Phoenix is a large diesel portable pump that combines the benefit of high pressure fire fighting performance with large water transfer properties.

Fast and effective priming is provided by the simple to operate exhaust eject primer. The pump will prime 3 metres in 20 seconds and to a maximum of 7 metres.

Controls are easy to operate from one location and include Engine On/Start/Off Switch, 12V Inlet/Outlet Socket, Flexible Halogen Night Light, Throttle Control, Fuel Gauge, Oil Pressure Gauge, Hours Run Meter, Volt Meter, Engine Temperature, Discharge Presure Gauge, Compound Gauge, Push Button Start, Over-heat Over-ride Switch.

Marine Firefighting and Salvage

At 2000 litre/minute at 7 bar means a marine fire service can run four 500 litre/minute hand lines effortlessly. In other salvage relief situations where flow rather than pressure is critical, the D2000 Diesel Portable Pump gives exceptional performance delivering over 2500 litres/minute (with flooded suction). When you need big and grunty the D2000 is it.

Typical performance @ 3 metres suction lift:

200 kPa (29 PSI) 2500 Litres/min
300 kPa (43.5 PSI) 2300 Litres/min
500 kPa (72.5 PSI) 2250 Litres/min
700 kPa (101.5 PSI) 2000 Litres/min
1000 kPa (145 PSI) 1600 Litres/min


  • Stainless Steel Frame complete with steerable Trolly
  • Controls are easy to operate from one location
  • Push button start
  • Engine on/pre-heat/start/off switch
  • 12V inlet/outlet socket
  • Flexible halogen night light
  • Water temperature gauge
  • Discharge pressure gauge and compound intake gauge
  • Optional accessories: mast light

Type: Transfer – Supply – Combination
2000l/m @ 7 Bar
Intake: 100mm BSRT
Discharge: Twin smooth-flow ball valves 64mm BI alloy couplings. Optional swivel globe valve.
Volute Body And Head: Aluminium Alloy CC601 heat-treated to T6 hardness. Optional LG2 bronze for salt-water resistance.
Impeller: Aluminium Alloy CC601 fully enclosed. Optional LG2 bronze for salt-water resistance.
Wear Rings: Long wearing Acetyl, economical to replace
Shaft Seal: Spring-loaded mechanical Carbon Ceramic
Priming: Exhaust eject will prime 3 metres in under 10 seconds.

Engine Model No: 4JB1
Type: 4 cylinder inline diesel, OHV, direct injection, naturally aspirated, water-cooled through heat exchanger, compression ratio 18.2:1
Maximum output: 57kW @ 3600 RPM
Fuel Tank: Stainless Steel Integral 16 Litre
Run Time: Minimum 1hr @ maximum output
Dry Weight: 321kg (incl battery)
Dimensions: 102.0cm(L) x 60.5cm(W) x 76.0cm(H)

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