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Bushfire Fighting Foam - WhitEx 0.1-1%


Bushfire Fighting Foam

Bushfire fighting foam for use by land and air crews.

Essentially a Class A Foam but with special characteristics to enable it to be used in varying ways. The mixing ratios between 0.1% and 1% enable the foam to be used as a wetting agent or applied as structural foam, stuck to trees and bushes, thereby extinguishing the fire and offering great resistance to re-ignition.

WhitEx can be used in both land-systems (foam nozzles, fog-stream, high pressure) and air-systems (planes, helicopters, hydroplanes) and possesses anti-corrosion properties in materials commonly used in the aeronautical sector such as iron, brass, aluminium, magnesium, etc.

Possesses the lowest environmental impact possible to allow the treated area to recover.

WhitEx bushfire fighting foam concentrate easily forms a stable and homogeneous foam. The drain-time of the foam with fresh or sea water is low which provides an additional protection.

Download the Fire Response – VS Focum foams PDF Brochure when deciding on the most appropriate foam for a particular application.

We are proud partners with VS Focum – world leaders in the manufacture and development of fire fighting foam concentrates.

Fire Response is now distributing to Indonesia and Oceania (including Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Zealand Somoa, the Soloman islands and Samoa. and more).

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