Storz x Male Threaded Adaptors

Luitpold Schott manufacture a range of  Storz x Male Threaded Adaptors for every application. (Brass pictured)

  •  Sizes range from 1″ (25mm) through to 6″ (150mm).
  • Manufactured in a range of materials – forged aluminium, stainless steel and brass.
  • There are a numerous size combinations available (see table below)
  • Contact Fire Response with your specific application requirement for further details.
Part No:Description:
3-SA1019MB25mm Storz x 19mm bspm, brass, lug 031mm
3-SA10MB25mm Storz x 25mm bspm, brass, 031mm lug
3-SA1520MB38mm Storz x 50mm bspm, brass, 052mm lug
3-SA20MB50mm Storz x 50mm bspm, brass, 066mm lug
3-SA2015MB50mm Storz x 38mm bspm, brass, 066mm lug
3-SA2025MB50mm Storz x 65mm bspm, brass, 066mm lug
3-SA25MB65mm Storz x 65mm bspm, brass, 081mm lug
3-SA2520MB65mm Storz x 50mm bspm, brass, 081mm lug
3-SA30MB75mm Storz x 75mm bspm, brass, 089mm lug