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44720001 – hydraulic  fog / jet nozzle with internal foam eductor

The Akrofoam Master Stream Hydraulic Nozzle is a high performance foam induction nozzle. When a watercart water pump is matched  correctly with the nozzle specifications suitable for the application , this system will have true, fire truck like performance!

If you want fire truck equivalent fire-fighting capabilities on your mine site to protect valuable assets, this system is a must!

AkroFoam Master Stream hydraulic foam nozzles include the following features:

• All brass and stainless steel construction

• Exposed surfaces protected by heavy-duty, weather resistant bellows

• Metering Rate :-1%, 3% and 6% for 1325lpm and 1900lpm
-1% and 3% for 2900lpm and 3800lpm

• Maximum Pressure: 200 psi/14 bar

• Hydraulic Pressure/Flow Requirements: 1/8 GPM @ 500 PSI Maximum

Style 4472
Certification(s) Certification
Warranty Warranty
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 11.2 kg (26 lbs)
Material Brass
Brand AkroFoam
Swivel Inlet 2-1/2″ NH
Length 311 mm (12-1/4″)
Width 232 mm (9-1/8″)
Height 232 mm(9-1/8″)

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Electrical, Hydraulical

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