Protective Cases

Protective Cases

We choose to supply protective cases manufactured by Plasticase.

These are professional-grade hard plastic solutions for every conceivable application, from light and medium to extreme duty environments.

NANUK “The Evolution of Protection” is a complete line of waterproof and impact-resistant products rated for military, law enforcement and professional users. With innovative features like the patented Powerclaw latch, rugged NK-7 resin and a distinctive style, the Nanuk range protects your delicate and valuable equipment.

NANUK™ features
1. Powerclaw latching system
2. Waterproof IP67 rated
3. Impact Resistant NK-7 resin
4. Padlockable
5. Shoulder strap attachment
6. Stackable
7. Integrated bezel system
8. Soft grip foldable handle
9. Integrated lid stay
10. Stainless steel hardware

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