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Fire Fighting Trailer

Browse our catalogue to discover a comprehensive range of firefighting equipment designed to meet the demands of firefighting, rescue, emergency response, mining and more. We also offer hydraulics, flow and foam testing services to ensure you are fully capable of meeting a fire emergency. 

Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions or inquiries. We’re available to assist you in selecting the right equipment for your specific needs. At Fire Response, we are committed to your satisfaction and are dedicated to providing exceptional service and support.

Fire Fighting Trailer for Property Protection

Our Fire Trailer offers mobile fire protection suitable for farms and properties.

Adding a dedicated Fire Trailer to your plan means you are ready to defend you property with fully operational tools that are up to the task. Your pump, tank, hoses and nozzles are all contained in a mobile form for immediate action anywhere on your land.


There are some simple things you can do around your property to prepare it against the risk of fire. You need to prepare well beforehand as leaving it to the last minute is too late.
Here are five simple things the RFS  advise you can do now to prevent the threat of fire.
1. CLEAR/SLASH Clear flammable materials (e.g. gas cylinders) and slash areas of long, dry grass around structures like the home and shed.
2. BURN If you have the required permits, approvals and skills and the conditions are suitable, conduct a controlled burn on your property to reduce fuel.
3. PLOUGH Plough firebreaks around each paddock boundary to prevent the spread of fire.
4. ROTATE Rotate stock across the property to ensure paddocks are well-grazed.
5. PREPARE Prepare and maintain sturdy hoses and water pumps in case you need to defend your property.

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