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VS Focum

VS Focum, manufacturers and developers of fire fighting foams, was established in 2002, offering brand new highly contrasted, original formulations. Their BoldFoam banner groups a whole catalogue of synthetic fire fighting foams of high, medium and low expansion, aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF), anti-alcohol (AR), additives for extinguishers, moisturising agents, class A foams, forest fire retardants, various foam concentrates and more. VS FOCUM are a world reference in Newtonian (Low Viscosity) solutions – both fluorine free and fluorinated – expanding on all five continents

What makes VS Focum different?

  • Innovation: unique, certified & world-acclaimed products: Silvara, ATILA, NEPT1, BoldFoam products – defined by high performance with very little environmental impact.
  • Adaptability: goal is to provide the best specific foam solution for any particular risk. Have a question – just ask and we will find the answer
  • world reference in Newtonian (Low Viscosity) solutions – both fluorine free and fluorinated
  • world-class quality research and development, keeping constantly on top of the evolution of fire fighting foams

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Every fire and safety scenario has different requirements due to the fuel, fire geometry and other factors that make the choice of product difficult. At Fire Response, we specialise in assessing your particular risks and requirements to provide the optimal safety response with the most effective foam. It’s not enough to just know the product itself, our knowledge of how the foam and equipment interact means that you get the best and most practical advice available.

 We at Fire Response are proud to partner with VS Focum – manufacturers of most eco-efficient firefighting foam concentrates in the world, specialising in Newtonian Fluorine Free solutions. Visit them here to discover why.

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Fire Fighting Foams That Pass the Test

Besides manufacturing fire fighting Foams, VS Focum analyses concentrates' effectiveness against fires from different firefighting installations, in order to check the concordance with regulations as OACI, European norm EN-1568, UL-162, military norm MIL F24385F, IMO. It is also certified under Quality System ISO 9001.
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