Streamlight torches and products are purpose-manufactured with the absolute highest quality and performance in mind.

Heroes Trust Streamlight® – The loyalty and trust that public safety and the military have given Streamlight is based on years of field testing and earned by using Streamlight torches in dangerous situations.

That trust has led to growth across markets and is why Streamlight is one of the most recognized brands of professional lighting tools.

Tools Not Toys® – Streamlight makes tools for everyone who needs to light the darkness – from homeowners to auto mechanics, industrial contractors to military personnel.

Uncompromising product quality, excellence and accountability have driven continuous product improvements and innovations; always developing lights that are brighter, lighter, more compact and long lasting.

Streamlight holds over 150 U.S. patents and over 100 U.S. and foreign trademarks.

Before you purchase your next torch, contact Fire Response for a demonstration of a Streamlight torch!