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Fire Fighting Foams

Fire Response is the authorised national distributor for VS Focum fire fighting foams. Contact us to discover how these products are superior to others available on the market.

These foams are suitable for a variety of specific applications. The range includes the industry leading Fluorine Free Foam (Newtonian and Pseudoplastic), AFFF, training foam, Class A, forest fire retardant, and multi-expansion. Application fields include:

It should be noted that with the total ban on fluorine foams in Queensland and South Australia, it is important to consider the applications and effectiveness of Fluorine Free Foams. Our products are compliant with government and industry regulations and limit both environmental impact and the risks to human health. Our Fluorine Free Foams (Newtonian and Psuedoplastic) do not contain any fluorosurfactant, any fluoropolymer or any silicon whilst retaining the highest fire fighting response. Our industry experience has provided us with extensive knowledge of the challenges that can be encountered when managing product storage, mixing and equipment. We can advise you on how VS Focum has met and overcome these challenges and why they are so superior to their competitors. Give us a call to find out more.